Lighting Industry

The Lighting Industry is changing rapidly. Most original light bulbs or tubes are slowly switched to LED due to the higher energy efficiency as well as the lower heat creation. More and more lighting companies are updating their fixture design to meet the criteria of the specific applications.

The variations and possibilities concerning different light levels from “white/blue” to “yellow” as well as light transmission and diffusion ratios are endless. The combination of the three factors and the fixture design are crucial to create the perfect lighting.

Furthermore, plastic engineers are developing new thermoplastics with heat dissipative properties which allow to replace metal heat sink applications to reduce the carbon footprint in the manufacturing process, as well as the weight of the final fixture.

Materials Commonly Used:

For lenses:
  • Acrylic in different colors and finishes
  • Polycarbonate mostly clear
For Housing:
  • PVC or CPVC
  • PC

Advantages of Plastics in Lighting:

  • Light Weight
  • Color Availability
  • Impact resistance
  • Flexibility (easy to form)

Case Studies

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