4 Ways to maximize success for your custom thermoplastics designs

Whether you’re making your own designs or your plastics manufacturer is helping you, there are several design tips and tricks that can help make your design a success:

Sketch your designs: Hand-drawn sketches can help your manufacturer better understand what you are looking for in your finished design. If you have professional or CAD drawings that’s always ideal but any kind of sketch will help speed up the process.

Straight lengths: For straight lengths, especially if they will be suspended from a ceiling or standing on the floor, design with tubing not rods. The hollow center of tubes provides better stability and makes them easier to install.

Consider your tolerances: Be sure to share your tolerances with your manufacturer to ensure that parts fit together and install as expected. We always recommend sending us any mating parts so we can help ensure a good fit.

Importance of colours: If colour matching is critical for your part, ensure you have a printed sample of that colour available to send to your manufacturer. Colours may look different on different screens so an actual colour sample will help your manufacturer match it as close as possible.

When you’re ready to start your project, your manufacturer will look at your drawings and can often make suggestions for modifications, which won’t impact the look or function of your design but will help you save manufacturing time and money.

Learn more about custom solutions for thermoplastics or contact us with your specs and drawings to get started.

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