Green Statement


Green Statement

With 40 years of production experience and part of our global community, Plastifab has seen many changes in environmental regulations, production processes and new technologies. We value our environment and the world we live in, therefore, we make a daily effort to protect our environment and to have a positive impact on our industry and society.

With the focus on the 3R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, Plastifab routinely applies these
in-house initiatives with our everyday actions that reflect our goals and objectives:


  • Installation of motion sensors for all lighting systems
  • Application of T5/T8 lighting technology


  • Installation of a closed loop system for in house water in our production
  • Utilization, where possible, of all consumable plastic materials


  • All non-production materials such as cardboard and paper
  • Metal used in our operations
  • Annealing oil
  • Employee consumables

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