Acrylic Displays for Retail Solutions

Today’s consumers are constantly bombarded with ads and marketing, even when they’re in-store. It can be overwhelming. But, the right Point of Purchase (POS) displays can help divert their attention away from the noise, and towards your company and products.

Here’s why you should use acrylic for your POS displays?

Acrylic gives your products maximum visibility

When you showcase your products in acrylic, consumers won’t be distracted by clunky display units and hardware. You want them looking at your product and only your product. With acrylic displays, they are often clear or opaque so the focus never wavers from your product.

Acrylic is lightweight and portable

This is great news if you intend for the POS display to be seasonal or transported to tradeshows and other events. Most countertop acrylic displays can be quickly and easily transported or dismantled for storage when needed.

Acrylic has versatile applications

If you have diverse POS display needs, acrylic is just the ticket. You can create one-of-a-kind displays for literature, acrylic stands and risers for products, easels, shelving, eyewear holders, jewelry displays, make-up holders, or anything your marketing and sales team can dream up.

Why Acrylic?

Clear acrylic is a great material for POS displays in tight or already busy locations as it doesn’t take up a large visual amount of space. It’s clean and clear so your products take center stage.

If you have an idea for a POS display and want to explore creating it in Acrylic, contact the Plastifab team today.


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