All About Nylon

Did you know that Nylon was the first engineering resin? Nylon is a group of plastics known as polyamides and comes in a variety of different types with different properties for specific gravity, melting point, and moisture content, which reduces as the nylon number increases.

Like many thermoplastics, nylon is well suited to make different applications within electronics, marines, and automotive industries (to name a few). It’s even used in the fibres to make the carpet under your feet right now!

Nylon is a tough thermoplastic with outstanding wear resistance and low frictional properties, and very good temperature, chemical, and impact properties. It also has good weathering properties and better sunlight resistance if your part will be used in outdoor environments.

Here are some other amazing properties of Nylon thermoplastics:

  • Resistance to toughness
  • More compact molecular structure
  • Very good elasticity
  • Softer “Hand”
  • Pleats and creases can be heat-set at higher temperatures
  • High melting point (256 °C/492.8 °F)
  • Superior colorfastness
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Good resiliency

With all it’s outstanding properties, it’s important to note that it’s one weakness is its ability to absorb moisture and thus it can compromise its dimensional stability.

Check out the wide range of nylon thermoplastics we carry at Plastifab or contact us to tell us about your exciting next project.

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