All About PPO/PPE (Noryl) Plastics

Noryl plastics are owned and trademarked by SABIC (formerly General Electric Plastics). The Noryl family consists of blends of Polyphenylene Oxides (PPO) or polyphenylene ether (PPE) resins with polystyrene. They’re known for their high heat resistance, electrical insulation properties, hydrolytic stability, dimensional stability, good processability, and low density.

The mix of these polymers is a rare example of an homogeneous mixture as most polymers are not compatible with each other.

PPE also has unusually low moisture absorption which means its electrical insulating properties are good at a larger range of humidity and temperature conditions than many other plastics. To further enhance the mechanical and thermal properties of these plastics, glass fiber reinforcements are added.

At Plastifab, we have PPO/PPE Noryl plastics in black rod or sheets. For more information about using this versatile plastic for your next project, talk to the team at Plastifab today.

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