Application profile: Light Lenses

Light lenses are similar to lighting panels, wherein they protect the light fixture and distribute light evenly. However, light lenses differ in that they are molded to a specific shape, often domes, globes, or bowls.

You can be creative with the plastics used to create your light lenses. You could use textures like cracked ice, egg crate, and even prismatic patterns in various colours and tints to create the perfect lighting application. We recommend using acrylic for your coloured applications and finishes, and polycarbonate for clear or frosted lenses.

If environmental sustainability is important in your lighting applications, you’ll be happy to hear that Plastifab is part of the International Association of Plastics Distributors (IAPD) GreenScene program. We’re constantly improving our manufacturing practices to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Read our Green Statement to learn more.

The plastifab team can help you design and manufacture light lenses for your unique needs. Contact the design or sales team today to start talking about your next project.

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