Beautiful lighting applications featuring Thermoplastics

Light is best when you can let it shine, but sometimes you want to manipulate how the light reflects. One of the most versatile products to help you do that in lighting applications is thermoplastics. 

Here are some beautiful lighting applications where thermoplastics have been used to diffuse or direct light:

Wings of Fashion (Ailes de la mode): The new entrance for this multi-tenant shopping center needed to be grand so the architect of the project designed a three story corridor. The illuminated support columns of this grand atrium are fitted with Lexan(R) Polycarbonate lighting panels to make the hallway seem to glitter while the glass and stainless steel balconies seem to float on shafts of light. 

The Olympic Torch: A modern workspace, needs a modern feel and we helped accomplish this for the home of the Canadian Olympic Committee in Montreal, Canada. The sculpture at the front of the building represents a glowing olympic torch and is made of interactive LED lights protected behind orange Polycarbonate tubes. 

Art Court Event: National Bank wanted to commemorate their 10th Rogers Cup Sponsorship and celebrate in a new light. They commissioned a team, including Plastifab, to create an interactive visual equalizer art display. We provided frosted, impact resistant Acrylic material to help diffuse the light from the LED lights in this installation. 

Project Instance: Artificial Intelligence. It has some exciting, helpful applications in our society. In this student project, students from the University of Quebec in Montreal created a symbolic, experiential and interactive server to track citizens and push information throughout the city. We found the right shape and material to cover the LED tracks of the main “server” for the project. 

Bleu de Bleu: After sitting on a plane for hours, you crave a colourful change of scenery. The Bleu de Bleu art installation that runs along 8km of highway from the Montreal Pierre-Elliot Trudeau Airport to Downtown provides that much needed visual refresh you need. The highway light beams are made from 8 inch custom colored blue, light diffusing Polycarbonate tubes. 

Thermoplastics can be used in many indoor and outdoor applications. If you need a versatile light diffusing material for your next lighting application, art installation, or project, talk to our team about using thermoplastics today.

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