Public Installation - Art

Bleu de Bleu

Subject: Public Installation - Art

Material: Polycarbonate

Year of realization: 2017

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Bleu de Bleu – Art Installation Montreal

In honor of Montreal’s 375th anniversary, National Bank and some of their key partners invested into an art installation along Autoroute 20, reaching from the Montreal Pierre-Elliot Trudeau Airport to downtown. With the help of a renowned Quebec Artist, Alain Paiement, the highway transformed into a sea of blue evolving with its surrounding landscape. Blue not only is a beautiful bright color, it is a homage to Montreal’s and Quebec’s identity, reflecting the color of the rivers and ocean surrounding the city and province.

Plastifab Industries is honored to be part of such a beautiful installation. The highway light beams are made from 8” custom colored blue, light diffusing Polycarbonate tube. Depending on location, the tubes are between 15 and 20 feet long. Polycarbonate is a great material for outdoor installations as it has a good UV and chemical resistance and an even better impact resistance which was one of the main reasons to pick this material for road side installations.

Here are some more Fun Facts about the installation of Bleu de Bleu:

  • 8 km – The distance spanned by Bleu de Bleu from the airport to 1st Avenue
  • 200 km/h – Wind speed of the aircraft engines used to test the art installation’s sturdiness
  • 83 light fixtures ranging from 17 to 22 feet in height that only use the same amount of energy as 3 standard highway lampposts
  • 12,000 ft of cable to power the installation with electricity
  • 400 reflective panels installed along the highway
  • 2,850 meters of reflective sheeting
  • 2,500 liters of paint used to decorate the sound walls
  • 1,000 hours of work over 4 months



Artist:  Alain Paiement

Concept/Realization: Matane Productions, Sid Lee

Initiator/Sponsor: National Bank of Canada

Photo: National Bank of Canada


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