City Marketing - Illuminart


Subject: Illuminart - UQAM Student Project

Material: light diffusing Polycarbonate

Year of realization: 2017


Project Instance - UQAM Student Project

A project of artificial intelligence led students from the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM) to create “Instance”, a symbolic, experiential and interactive server to track citizens and push information within the city. It was created to raise awareness about a person’s life in a world of growing artificial intelligence. It halts its viewers to think about the potential loss of control with new technologies and increasing surveillance through artificial intelligence.
“While we knew what end result we were looking for, bringing all parts together wasn’t an easy task. Plastifab was a great resource for us to find the right shape and material to cover the LED-Tracks and complete the look of the main server and registration station “Instance”, Mariléa Rabbat, Logistics Project Instance.
The concept was chosen by the Festival “Illuminart”, which focused their 2017 activities on fusing light with technology to provide immersive and interactive experiences throughout the city. The project was presented between February 22nd and March 11th 2017 in downtown Montreal.

To see more pictures and videos of this project, please visit the official Facebook page.


Concept/Design: Project Instance - UQAM Student Team

Photo: Project Instance

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