Earth Day: What Makes Thermoplastics Green?

The theme for Earth Day 2021 is “restore the earth.” We’re doing our part with our green manufacturing processes using eco-friendly thermoplastics. It’s one small way we’re minimizing waste on our planet.

Thermoplastics are 100% recyclable. The process to shape thermoplastic involves heating the plastic, pouring it into moulds or an extruder, and cooling to harden the plastic. This process can be repeated indefinitely without losing any of the properties of the plastic.

For manufacturing, this means there is less waste during the process. Any “waste” plastic that dries in the extrusion tubes or machine can be remelted and used again. Not only does this cut down on landfill waste, but it can also save you money as there is less mark-up for wasted raw materials.

When you compare this to the process to make the same parts from metal, in metal manufacturing metal scraps are discarded because they are no longer usable.

What’s Plastifab doing to restore our earth? We’re doing our best not to add to the problem of pollution and waste in our facilities:

  • We reduce: by installing motion sensors for our lighting systems and using T5/T8 light bulbs.
  • We reuse: our production facility uses a closed-loop house water system and we use as many consumable plastics materials as possible in our processes.
  • We recycle: all non-production materials including cardboard, paper, metal (used in our operations), annealing oil, and employee consumables.

Is your business looking for a way to lower your environmental impact and do your part to restore our earth? Start with the higher-level initiatives like implementing eco-friendly processes and practices in your company (like turning off lights and machines when they’re not in use, installing motion sensor lights, and making recycling of paper and employee consumables easy for your team).

You can also consider using thermoplastics for your next manufacturing project! You’ll save money and the environment!

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #RestoreOurEarth this month and share on social media what you’re doing to make our planet greener.

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