Examples of beautiful Thermoplastics applications

Thermoplastics are used in more than just parts manufacturing. There are some stunning applications of thermoplastics right in front of us every day.

Here are a couple of examples of consumer-facing installations using thermoplastics:

Wings of Fashion: Inside the largest shopping mall in Montreal, the central atrium includes, several tall support columns lined with fluorescent tubes sheathed in Lexan® Polycarbonate lighting panels. It makes the glass and stainless steel balconies seem to float on shafts of light.

Olympic Torch: The sculpture in front of the Canadian Olympic Committee building in Montreal represents the Olympic Torch. It’s made from Polycarbonate tubes with interactive LED lights to make it look like a flame surrounded by the Olympic Banner.

Art Court Event: In this Roger’s Cup event sponsored by National bank, the bank wanted to build a visual equalizer with the help of LED-Lights and light-diffusing material. Their design and production company chose a frosted and impact-resistant Acrylic material, that met all the requirements for the extraordinary event and location.

Umbra Architectural Wall Panels: Toronto’s flagship Umbra store has an eye-popping architectural marvel sheathed on all sides by 30-foot high columns of bright pink plastic. They used Polycarbonate resin and Plastifab processed it into the semi-finished shape. It was then backlit for night exposure.

Store Display Coke: Even in-store displays can be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. This display we manufactured for the Coca Cola brand was not only beautiful, but also lightweight, cost-effective to ship around the country, and easily assembles without tools in under 10 minutes.

At Plastifab, we’re proud to have contributed to each of these projects and so many more. When you want to use a durable, lightweight plastic for your beautiful project, give us a call and we’ll help you choose the right thermoplastic for the job.

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