Exciting Plastic Art Installations in Thermoplastic

In ancient Rome, artists would chisel blocks of stone to make art. Today, many artists are turning to thermoplastics as a medium to create artistic pieces that are created to share a creative vision.

Today we’re going to look at four examples of plastic art installations around the world:

The Olympic Torch in Montreal

In this Plastifab project, we helped combine light and plastic to create something beautiful: the Olympic torch public art installation in Montreal, Canada. The home of the Canadian Olympic committee needed an inspirational art piece to welcome guests to their facility, where they get to interactively learn the story of Canada’s Olympic athletes.

The sculpture was made from orange Lexan Polycarbonate tubes and interactive LED lights to simulate an Olympic flame. We chose polycarbonate for this project due to its excellent heat resistance, glass-like appearance, and colour availability to simulate natural flame colours closely.

Regine Schumann

Regine is a German artist known for making wonderful art using acrylic thermoplastics. Her work has been featured throughout Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, The Netherlands, and Columbia. On her website, she explains her style:

In her work Regine Schumann focuses on light effects caused by fluorescent materials. Some of the materials she uses are colored polylight-cords and different colored acrylic panels, which she composes into complex colour spaces in accordance to Goethe’s theory of colours. The artist also uses blacklight to complement the other colours.

Liz West

Liz is another artist who is drawn to how light and plastics work together. She has created many stunning public art pieces using a variety of materials, including acrylic and polycarbonate. She enjoys turning spaces into a kaleidoscope of light and shadow using these popular thermoplastics and other clear and semi-transparent materials.

Art Court Event

In this Plastifab project, the National Bank wanted to create an unforgettable art installation and experience in Montreal’s Uniprix Stadium to celebrate the sport of tennis in a new light. BLVD, a Montreal-based design and production company, was tasked to build a visual equalizer with the help of LED-Lights and light-diffusing material. They chose frosted, impact-resistant acrylic material from Plastifab for this extraordinary project.

Do you have an idea for a public art installation or a piece for your commercial or public space? Talk to us today, and we can provide the thermoplastic material you need to see your idea become a reality as we did for two of our featured art installations in the article (the Olympic Torch and Art Court Event).

We can design success and great art together with thermoplastics.

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