IAPD recommendations for a more environmentally sustainable business

This month we celebrate Earth Day (April 22) and we wanted to share some low- to no-cost ways you can make your business more environmentally friendly. We do many of these ourselves as a proud IAPD Green Scene Member.

The IAPD has many sustainability and environmental stewardship initiatives. Our suggestions in this post are based on some of their recommendations and advice.

Your People
Appoint an environmental champion for your business. This person can spearhead new initiatives and be a cheerleader to get all your employees on board. Be sure to poll your staff often to get their ideas on how to make environmental stewardship more routine and second nature for your workplace.

Your Office
All businesses, no matter what sector can take part in the recycling of paper and bottles/cans. Those in manufacturing fields like us can also look to recycle plastic scraps too. If your business prints a lot of paper, encourage sending files electronically or printing double-sided when possible.

Your Processes
Electricity and power usage is probably a big part of your operating budget. Cut costs and help minimize your environmental footprint by encouraging staff to turn off computers and equipment when not in use. You can also turn off climate controls in unused rooms and use programmable thermostats.

You can also support other green businesses and vendors. If you’re looking for an environmentally-conscious plastics manufacturer to do business with, let’s chat about how Plastifab can help you.

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