Interactive thermoplastics installations

Customers often come to us to create parts for their equipment and machinery from extruded thermoplastics. However, we also work with many customers building fun, interactive art or public installations. Here are a few examples of projects we’ve contributed to that include interactive elements.

Interactive seesaws

Imagine sitting on a seesaw that changes colours when you sit on it. The Luminotherapie project was an interactive public art installation where passers-by could seesaw back and forth as the lighted seesaws changed colour intensity and played music. We provided the Lexan® Polycarbonate material for the seating on this fun interactive project in Montreal (2016) and, most recently, in Vancouver (2021).

Artificial Intelligence student project

Instance was a project led by students at the University of Montreal to create a symbolic, experiential server to track citizens and push information within the city. Plastifab contributed light-diffusing polycarbonate to this immersive and interactive experience.

Keeping the Christmas spirit alive

Thermoplastics from Plastifab helped keep the Christmas spirit alive for hundreds of children (and adults) in CF malls in Montreal. They were used to create lighting fixtures for the interactive Magic Gift Workshop pop-up event. During this event, you could watch your gifts being packaged and wrapped in their interactive workshop.

Do you have an idea or a project that could be made better with quality extruded thermoplastics? Contact our team today with your ideas and plans, and we’ll help you design success together with thermoplastics.


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