KydexⓇ 2200 Profile Extrusion Compounds

Mass transit interiors often need profile extrusions to cover seams, joints, and exposed edges. Profile extrusion parts are typically sold as accessories to thermoformed parts, but with KYDEXⓇ thermoplastics they are no longer an afterthoughtーthey’re an integral part of the interior design and are manufactured using the same colorants to ensure color consistency between thermoformed parts and profile extrusions.

When your mass transit interiors require SMP800C or BSS7239 compliance, KYDEX P2200 high performance thermoplastic profile extrusion compound is ideal. It complements KYDEX 2200LT sheets and meets all flame, smoke, and toxicity requirements.

Benefits for KYDEX Thermoplastics:

  • Secondary finishing is not required because they have integral color
  • They resist chipping, cracking, and discolouration
  • KYDEX can be recycled directly into their production stream (unlike fiberglass)
  • It’s lighter than metal and composite profiles
  • Lower fuel consumption and have greater design flexibility because KYDEX is available in thinner gages.

KYDEX thermoplastic sheets and profile extrusion compounds are exclusively supplied to Plastifab by SEKISUI SPI in Bloomsburg, PA. Learn more about KYDEX thermoplastic Extrusion Compounds.

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