Plastics for a worldwide industry: Mining, Oil, & Gas

It’s an industry that fulfills the needs of the entire globe. We all rely on oil, mining, and/or gas to operate our businesses, heat our homes, power our cars, and operate our factories. Did you know that plastics play a huge role in this industry?

Plastics are an integral part of extraction, transmission and processing of metals, oil, and gas. Why plastics? Because they have superior properties that allow for great performance in challenging environments where these resources are mined and processed.

It’s common to see plastic parts used for sheaves, pipe liners, seals, pump components, saddles, wrapping, blast pipe for mining, and wear parts. At Plastifab, we often recommend one of these five plastics products for this industry: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), PVDF, NYLON, PEEK, and PPS.

Designers of equipment used in mining, oil, and gas applications have many raw materials to choose from when manufacturing their parts. Plastic is often one of the best material choices because it can withstand high temperature environments, has strong chemical resistance, has excellent permeability properties, is light weight, and have either extremely rigid or flexible properties.

Are you in the mining, oil, or gas industry or designing equipment or transportation solutions for this market? Get in touch with the team at Plastifab and we can suggest the right plastic to use for your application.

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