The Positive Impacts of Plastic

Plastics positively impact people’s lives around the world, especially with the invention of more sustainable and eco-friendly plastics like thermoplastics.

Here are some of the positive impacts plastics are making on our everyday lives:

Thermoplastics and vaccines: The biochemical industry has been working extra hard these past few years to develop drugs and vaccines to protect us from diseases and the COVID-19 virus. Thermoplastics play an important role in providing materials for purification and cell profusions. These plastics are FDA and USP Class VI approved, chemical resistant, and lightweight.

Thermoplastics and businesses: Every business needs people to buy from them. A business can influence its customers’ purchase decisions at the point of purchase (POS) in a brick-and-mortar or an in-person event. Thermoplastics can be used in these POS areas to display products or show off the business brand. These plastics are popular because of their durability, flexibility in design and colour availability.

Thermoplastics and safe homes: Everyone deserves a safe home. Thermoplastics contribute to safe homes by being the preferred material for piping, drainage, siding, and insulation in homes. These plastics are ideal for construction projects as they have good load-bearing capacity, good weatherability, and are lightweight.

Thermoplastics and lighting safety: The lighting industry has seen considerable changes in the past 100 years. As bulbs are transitioning to more eco-friendly LEDs, designs for lighting fixtures are also changing to meet a more modern aesthetic and redesigned for increased safety. Thermoplastics have great heat dissipative properties to help reduce the carbon footprint of manufacturing lighting panels.

Thermoplastics and part longevity: In many industries, mining included, having equipment made from components that are durable to withstand harsh conditions is critical. Thermoplastics are being used in machinery parts in mining, oil, and gas sites and are increasing the longevity of parts, so they don’t need to be replaced as often. These plastics are ideal because of their ability to withstand high temperatures, their chemical resistance, and their ability to be either rigid or flexible (depending on the thermoplastic you choose).

Thermoplastics and moving people safely: Moving people safely from place to place is a priority. Thankfully thermoplastics are being used in everything from internal parts to joining strips and even overhead and safety lighting. These plastics are ideal due to their industry-standard approvals for FS&T, flexibility in design, carefree maintenance, and shape versatility.

Thermoplastics are making our health, daily living, and business/industry easier and safer every day. New applications and uses for thermoplastic materials are discovered every year, and we’re excited to see what our customers will ask from us next year.

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