Thermoplastics applications in outdoor environments

Thermoplastics are versatile and are perfect for outdoor applications, even when you don’t have consistent weather year-round. Here is a roundup of some of our favourite outdoor applications for thermoplastics:

The Olympic Torch Project: 

We used orange Lexan(R) Polycarbonate and interactive LED lights to create this stunning art installation in front of Olympic House in Montreal. The lighted sculpture represents the flame of an Olympic torch. 


We used transparent Lexan Polycarbonate for this fun, interactive art display in Montreal. This project features life-sized seesaws fitted with LED lights and speakers that create beautiful sounds when you use them. It was durable enough to withstand the weight of children and adults.

Art Court Event

For this project we used frosted, impact-resistant acrylic to build a visual equalizer for Montreal’s Uniprix Stadium to celebrate the sport of tennis “in a new light” this light diffusing material was used to create this visual installation

Blue de Blue

We provided thermoplastic material for a project that spanned 8 kilometres from the Montreal Pierre-Elliot Trudeau Airport to downtown. The public art installation along the sides of the highway are made from 8 inch, custom colored blue, light-diffusing Polycarbonate tube. They are each between 15-20 feet tall. 

Polycarbonate was the ideal material for this (and any outdoor application), because it has a good UV and chemical resistance and an even better impact resistance which was one of the main reasons to pick this material for roadside installations.


Outdoor architectural wall installations need to be both durable and attractive to the eye, like this installation for the Umbra flagship store. We choose polycarbonate for these 30-foot-tall pink panels due to its colour availability and durability for outdoor use.  

Thermoplastics are a popular choice for any outdoor application, whether it’s an art installation, or to add structural appeal to a building. If you are considering thermoplastics for your next public art or outdoor installation, let us help you pick the perfect material. Contact us for a discussion about your project today.

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