Thermoplastics in Construction: Celebrating Women in Construction Week

Now is time to rebuild the nation both figuratively and literally. Construction across the country is booming and shows no signs of slowing down. Women are also playing a big role in the construction industry and we want to celebrate them for #WomenInConstructionWeek (March 7-14)

According to the National Association of Women in Construction, there were over 1 million women in the construction industry in the US, but they only account for about 9.9% of the construction workforce. Even so, the gender pay gap is significantly less than other industries, with women getting paid nearly equal (99.1%) to what men in the same roles make.  

Get inspired reading stories from women in construction talking about why they are so passionate about the role they play in this industry. 

At Plastifab we’re proud to support women in all industries. We’ve worked closely with technical and design experts around the world to develop new plastics applications for the construction industry.  Thermoplastics are a popular material for the construction industry due to its load bearing ability, protection, flexibility for forming, weatherability, and lightweight properties. 

In a week where we celebrate both #WomenInConstructionWeek and #InternationalWomensDay we want to give a big thanks to all women in the construction industry for the role you play in literally building our nation.

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