Using Thermoplastics in Construction (Women in Construction Week)

Plastics are being used to build a nation! The construction industry is one of our biggest markets for thermoplastics and it’s growing every year. In Canada, the construction industry employs over 1.4 million Canadians and it’s expected to need over 300,000 more workers by 2029.

The needs for high-performing plastics are also growing in the construction industry. It’s used throughout the construction of houses, factories, office buildings, warehouses, and retail outlets. High performing plastics provide form and function as well as a variety of design options. It’s also used in creating parts for construction equipment and used in maintenance requirements post-production.

Why Thermoplastics are so popular in Construction

Thermoplastics offer so many advantages over other metals or plastics. First of all, they are very lightweight yet can withstand heavy loads. They provide maximum flexibility so they can be used in many unique ways. And their design and weatherability factors make them sturdy and stand up well in hard outdoor conditions when needed.

Many different plastics are used in by the construction industry, but the most common ones include:

We also want to give a shout out this week to all the women in the construction industry to celebrate Women in Construction Week. Women in this industry in Canada account for only 12% of the workforce, but several national programs aim to attract more women in this growing field, including the Canadian Association of Women in Construction.

If you’re considering thermoplastics for your next part or component for the construction industry, give us a call and we’d be happy to help with our expertise.

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