Valentines Day: What we love about thermoplastics

February is the month of love and appreciation. We want to express our appreciation of the materials we get to work with daily: thermoplastics. Here are just a few of the reasons we love thermoplastics:

Wide variety of applications

We love that so many different people and industries can benefit from thermoplastics:

  • Biochemical and Pharmaceutical: Thermoplastics’ durability and chemical resistance properties make them excellent for purification and cell profusion applications.
  • Mining/Oil and Gas: Thermoplastics make mining and gas applications safer and more efficient.
  • Retail: Thermoplastics are helping people sell products, promote their business at events, and create exciting seasonal displays.
  • Transportation: Thermoplastics are used in the construction of transportation solutions for both critical and aesthetical applications.
  • Building and Construction: Homebuilders use thermoplastics in piping and drainage in addition to many other construction materials.
  • Medical Equipment: This plastic is well-suited for medical equipment due to its antimicrobial functionality and is a medical USP Class VI approved material.
  • Lighting: Thermoplastics have outstanding light-diffusing characteristics and are popular in light fixtures that create brighter, safer communities and workplaces.


Thermoplastics provide excellent opportunities to boost workplace safety. Many thermoplastics come in a wide variety of high visibility colours, so you can choose one to contrast your surroundings, so it stands out for added safety. Thermoplastics also have high wear and chemical resistance, so they are less likely to break, causing dangerous equipment failure.


Thermoplastics have many excellent properties that make them strong and versatile. These vary depending on the plastic material but generally include good resistance to corrosion and chemicals.


We always want to provide our customers with the best quality materials for their job. Thermoplastics are not only stronger than traditionally metal parts, but they are also more cost-effective to purchase the raw materials, fabricate the parts, and ship to the customer.

If you love thermoplastics too and want to use it for your next project or part, talk to us today about the possibilities.

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