Why Design Custom Lighting Applications

When designing lighting for your retail, commercial, residential spaces, lighting is one feature that makes a big difference. The wrong lighting can make a place too bright, too dark, or just create a dangerous situation. For commercial spaces, the right custom lighting application can become a focal point for the project or the brand.

The lighting market has gravitated towards LED lighting solutions for many years already. With it, the need for new light-diffusing materials is also evolving.

Best light-diffusing materials

When using plastics for custom lighting covers, it needs to diffuse the right amount of light. That’s why we often choose the following materials when designing custom lighting for our customers:

  • Acrylic (clear, standard white 2247/7328, frost, or coloured)
  • Polycarbonate (clear, white, or coloured)
  • PVC (clear, frost, or coloured)

Custom lighting for function and art

Lighting applications using these materials can be 100% functional (like train or subway lighting) or be used for lighting applications meant for entertainment or public art. For example:

  • Luminotherapie project used polycarbonate-covered seesaws with lights that change as you move the seesaw up and down.
  • The Olympic Torch sculpture is made from orange polycarbonate tubes of LED lights so it looks like a flame.

Creating your own custom lighting applications with plastics

Do you have a need for functional, custom lighting covers or applications? Maybe you’re planning an entertainment or art installation that will be lit by LEDs? Talk to the Plastifab team today about how we can help make your ideas or dreams a reality in plastic.

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