Why you should use thermoplastics for prototyping

If you’ve got a new product and need a cost-effective, quick prototype, choose thermoplastics. Today, we’re going to look at a couple of reasons to choose this versatile performance plastic for your prototype project.

They cost less to make: Thermoplastics are more cost-effective than other plastics because there is less wasted raw material when making parts. Thermoplastics are heated to soften and mould, then are cooled to harden. This cycle of heating and cooling can repeat indefinitely so “scrap” plastic used in the fabrication of parts can be collected and reused again.

They cost less to ship: Save money in your prototyping by creating your parts of lightweight thermoplastics. The result will be more lightweight than other parts so it will be less expensive to ship, especially if you end up needing multiple iterations of your prototypes.

What new projects are you planning in your business? Prototyping your new project in thermoplastic has so many benefits, and you might just discover that producing your full part run in thermoplastics will work better than your original material choice.

If your project needs a cost-effective prototype, contact the team at Plastifab and we can help you pick the best product for your prototype or final product in thermoplastics.

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