3 Steps to make the best plastics design for your needs

When seeking quotes for your plastics manufacturing project, you need to provide specs. Here are a few tips for preparing your sketches, diagrams, and specs to receive quotations:

  • Sketch it: Whether you sketch on a napkin, on your arm, or in a notebook, all good designs start from a sketch. This is the bare minimum our team needs to help create your project. If you have a professional drawing it helps speed up the process, but is not required.
  • Scale it: Add measurements to your sketch. Even, if they are approximate, that’s often enough to get a rough quote. Be sure to add annotations about any mating parts and about the environment and conditions in which the part will be used. All this is needed to recommend the best plastic materials and the right quantities. Be sure to mention how many parts you plan to order as larger, regular orders may qualify for discounts.
  • Share it: Share your designs with us. Plastifab has over 40 years in the plastics industry so we can often suggest materials, manufacturing processes, and design modifications that won’t impact the look or functionality of your part, but that can save you money.

When you work with your plastics manufacturer you’ll find they can be a great resource for designing your product. Ask questions and use their experience to help create your part in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible.

The Plastifab team is ready to work with you on your next plastics manufacturing project. Get inspired by our client case studies, and send us your sketches today.

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