Lighting Industry

More and more lighting companies are updating their fixture designs to meet new demands in aesthetics, performance, and sustainability. Most original light bulbs or tubes are being switched to LED due to their higher energy efficiency and heat reduction.

Plastic engineers are also developing new thermoplastics with heat dissipative properties which reduce the carbon footprint in the manufacturing process, as well as the weight of the final fixture.

The most commonly used plastics materials in the lighting industry include:

For lenses:

  • Acrylic in different colors and finishes
  • Polycarbonate in clear and frosted

For housing:

  • PVC
  • PC

Advantages of Plastics

  • Shatter Resistant

  • Impact Resistant

  • Lightweight

  • Color Availability

  • Flexibility for Forming

LED Shelf-Lighting System

When an expert & industry leader in lighting manufacturing for over 80 years, needed a low cost and energy-efficient way to manufacture a component of their LED shelf lighting system, they collaborated with Plastifab to help make their products on retail display stand out.