Acetal is a fantastic engineering plastic that has numerous advantages over other materials and therefore has numerous unique applications that makes it one of the most popular engineering plastics.

The operating temperatures for Acetal are very good. The minimum advised operating temperature for Acetal rod is a very respectable -50°C. The higher end of the operating temperature range is just as useful with a maximum continuous service temperature of between plus 100°C and plus 115°C. The maximum short term service temperature for Acetal is plus 140°C. Acetal has excellent chemical resistance and very low moisture absorption.

Acetal received the Food & Drug Administration approval and also the marine industry for the fact that Acetal is non hydroscopic the finished machined product will not expand or swell due to moisture absorption. Key Properties High mechanical strength and rigidity Machinability Resistance to chemicals Low moisture absorption Natural Lubricity


  • Machinability
  • High mechanical strength and rigidity
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Natural Lubricity
  • Resistance to chemicals