Polycarbonate (PC)

Polycarbonate, commonly referred to as PC resin, is a form of engineering plastic, a word used to refer to polymers that are specifically created for improved strength, temperature resistance, and other mechanical features. Polycarbonate resin is largely employed in industrial applications, such as machine parts and electronic components, where its light weight and improved shock absorption capabilities offer a clear advantage over heavier, more rigid materials. High transparency, durability, and non-shattering characteristics of polycarbonate resin also make it a workable and secure alternative to glass.

Key Properties:

  • UV Stabiliser
  • Good processability
  • High Viscosity
  • Clear/Transparent
  • Excellent impact resistance


  • Industrial application
  • Machine & electronic components
  • Construction materials
  • Data storage (CD, DVD, Blu-Ray)
  • Signs, displays, poster protection
  • Automotive industry
  • Bullet resistant glass (sunglass/eyeglass lenses)
  • Medical applications
  • Telecommunications