All About Acetal

One of the most popular engineering plastics, Acetal, is popular for good reason! Its’ advantages over other engineering or thermoplastics are unmatched, opening it up to numerous unique applications and uses. Its commonly used in high impact and low friction environments.

Operating temperatures for this performance plastic are very good because it’s melting point is 175 F. We advise our customers that -50 Celcius is the lowest optimal operating temperature. Acetal maxes out at +100-115 Celcius but could withstand temperatures as high as +140 Celcius for short amounts of time.

A highly recommended plastic
Acetal is also a great option for food and drug applications as it has been approved by the Food & Drug Administration. The marine industry also recommends it for use in wet or moist environments because it will not swell or expand because it’s non-hygroscopic properties that prevent moisture absorption.

Acetal’s top 5 properties that often put it above the competition include:

  • good machinability,
  • high mechanical strength and rigidity,
  • low moisture absorption,
  • natural lubricity, and
  • resistance to chemicals

With these properties, Acetal makes a great plastic to form for use in:

  • gears,
  • valve bodies,
  • nuts & screws,
  • electrical insulators,
  • electronic equipment parts,
  • medical devices and parts,
  • food conveyor systems,

If you need a part made for a high impact, low friction environment, talk to our expert team at Plastifab so we can help you realize your plans using Acetal thermoplastics.

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