Store Display

Coke Store Display

Subject: Store Display - Coca Cola

Material: Red High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)

Year of realization: 2017

Partner: Laird Plastics - Charlotte

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Store Display - Coca Cola

Working with large retail companies is not always easy. Short lead times, design changes, custom color matches and a whole team with different agendas to communicate with. These were the challenges Laird Plastics in Charlotte was facing when their client asked them to help with the sourcing and assembly of a Coke display that would get customers’ attention, and resist all the potential movements and impact that might occur during its lifetime in a grocery store. Besides the fact that the display had to be cost effective to ship cross country and assembled manually (no tools) by one person in under 10 minutes, the design was wide open. The initial design idea did not cover all the underlying requests the display had to fulfill. It was fairly large and not adaptable to smaller stores. Furthermore, the panels holding the bottles were bowing under the weight, which in the long run might have caused some breakage and challenges in store.

Laird Plastics reached out to Plastifab to get help with the custom profile extrusion they needed. A close collaboration between all parties involved, multiple redesigns to get to the perfect display, rush tooling adjustments, a couple of express prototype productions and expedited sample shipments convinced not only Laird but also Coke, that they found the right team for the job.

The result was indeed a flat packaged display for cost effective shipping throughout the U.S.A., assembled without tools in a matter of minutes.

After the final prototype approval, Plastifabs' crew worked nights and weekends to make sure the tight delivery schedule was met.
Thank you Laird Plastics in Charlotte for letting us work with you on this opportunity.

For more information on Laird Plastics, please visit their website or contact their Charlotte office at +1 704-597-8555.

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