Interactive Marketing

The Magic Gift Workshop

Subject: Christmas - Interactive Marketing - CF Laval

Material: frost, impact resistant Acrylic tube

Year of realization: 2016


The Magic Gift Workshop - CF Laval

For most people, Christmas time is one of the most magical times of the year. Shopping centers, stores and designers are going the extra mile to keep the Christmas spirit alive. 

BLVD, a Montreal based design and production company, built the ultimate workshop to be placed in CF malls. This magical production line has the Tufties, little furry creatures, package your Christmas gift while you can keep an eye on them during an interactive walk through their workshop.  

Plastifab’s Acrylic frosted tubes have been incorporated in the overall light design of the gift workshop. 

To see the making off video click here.



Concept: BLVD

Design: Nicolas Dube-Pauze - BLVD Immersive

Photo/Video: BLVD (2016), Julia Chiarella-Genoni (2016)

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