#NationalAviationDay: Why Thermoplastics are ideal for airplane components

Thursday (August 19th) is National Aviation Day, a perfect time to highlight the contribution thermoplastics make in this important industry:

Why Thermoplastics for aviation?

Thermoplastics are an ideal material for many components in aircraft and the aviation industry as a whole. In addition to meeting FS&T approvals, thermoplastics are well suited for aircraft due to its:

  • Flexibility of design and shape versatility: Thermoplastics can be easily formed into any shape to meet space and size requirements for aircraft components
  • Wear resistance: Thermoplastics have good wear resistance to handle the rough environmental and physical stresses during a flight.
  • Carefree maintenance: Airplanes have stringent maintenance requirements, so when you can replace parts and components with thermoplastics, it helps cut down maintenance time.
  • Colour Design: Thermoplastics naturally come in a variety of colours and shades to either blend in with existing components or provide high-visibility components for safety purposes (like safety lighting)
  • Lightweight Material: The weight of the aircraft affects its flying efficiency. Replacing heavier components with lightweight materials can help aviation companies save fuel costs and time.

Where to find thermoplastics on planes

Lightweight thermoplastics are found throughout the passenger cabins and inner workings of aircraft, including:

  • joining strips
  • connectors
  • wall classing
  • glazing
  • gaskets
  • overhead lighting
  • safety lighting

Many thermoplastics formulations are ideal for aviation environments, but we often recommend Kydex®, Ultem®, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, EPDM, and TPE most often for these applications.

Are you looking for components or parts for airplanes or the transportation industry? Contact us today to learn how making them from thermoplastic can save you money and provide an ideal solution for the unique challenges in this industry.

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