Outdoor uses for thermoplastics

Thermoplastics are strong and can withstand harsh or unpredictable outdoor environments. There are many outdoor uses for thermoplastics, and here are a few examples:

Building and construction

It’s common to find thermoplastics like nylon, acrylic, PVC, and polycarbonate used in the building and construction industry for outdoor applications. These materials are commonly found in piping, drainage systems, siding, and wrapping.

They can also play a more aesthetic or branding role, such as when we used bright pink polycarbonate plastic in the architectural wall panels for the Umbra retail store in Toronto.

Outdoor lighting applications

Lighting tubes and covers don’t often need to be ruggedized, but when used for outdoor lighting, strength can be very beneficial. Acrylic and polycarbonate make for great outdoor applications because they come in various grades, shades, and colours, and their light transmission and diffusion ratios are endless.

We’ve used acrylic and polycarbonate thermoplastics in projects including Luminotherapie and Bleu de Bleu.

Outdoor public art displays

There have been some great public art installations that use light in their designs. The Olympic Torch project, for example, used polycarbonate to create realistic flames from an Olympic Torch pubic art piece in Montreal. We chose it due to its colour availability, ability to withstand the heat of its light source and the often harsh outdoor weather in the city.

Do you have an idea or project that requires a tough, outdoor thermoplastic? Talk to us today about designing your project with thermoplastics.


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