Plastifab’s focus on safety: North America Health and Safety Month

Health is a big issue today. Health and safety in the workplace isn’t something that is new for us, but we have made significant improvements to our health and safety protocols due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our government deemed our business an essential service due to the fact that we produce materials deemed essential for this crisis. This means we must ensure that our staff and customers are protected while we continue working for you and our community.

It’s fitting that May is North American Health and Safety Month so it seems appropriate to highlight how we’re going above and beyond to keep our co-workers and their families safe.

Our team is no strangers to safety in the workplace; we have to be in our line of work. In addition to the technical safety guidelines we follow, we’re now maintaining more physical distancing from each other when working in the shop or offices. Our cleaning protocols have been stepped up a notch to ensure that our shop and office staff are safe and healthy.

With all these extra precautions, we are still maintaining our dedication to recycling office and shop materials whenever possible and being efficient with our energy usage throughout our facilities.

We have no idea how long the global and local restrictions will last, but we are honoured to be here for you during this time. If you have a new project you want to start now, or even later this year, talk to us now and we can get the process started. Contact our team anytime.

We are all in this together. We are open and here to help.

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