Transportation profiles – Lighting in transportation

The Earth’s population growing. With over 7 billion people, we need quick, safe, and economical ways to move people around. That’s why effective lighting in transportation application is crucial.

Plastics are used in a variety of lighting applications in our transportation systems including emergency safety lighting and overhead lighting. They are required to hold up in an emergency so it’s important that the materials used to manufacturing them are dependable and strong.

Plastics is ideal for transportation applications because of its physical flexibility, excellent durability, carefree maintenance, colour options, shape versatility, and weight reduction to commonly used materials. We recommend Kydex®, Ultem®, Acrylic, PolyCarbonate, EPDM, and TPE plastics in mass transit projects.

Plastifab is also proud to have an exclusive partnership with SEKISUI Polymer Innovations LLC for opaque mass transit interior profiles. We can now exclusively offer their lightweight, compliant products for your transportation project.

Plastifab can also help manufacture plastics for other transportation industry uses including joining strips, connectors, wall cladding, glazing, and gaskets. For more about how Plastifab works with our Transportation partners, please visit our Transportation Market page or contact us for more information.

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