What Makes Thermoplastics Eco-friendly?

Thermoplastics are everywhere and that makes us at Plastifab very happy. Not just because we’re in the business of thermoplastics, but because it means more people are doing their part to protect our environment.

Thermoplastics polymers are pliable and moldable when heated to high temperatures, then hardens as it cools. Due to the molecular composition of this plastic, they can be repeatedly heated and cooled indefinitely and not lose their structural integrity. This makes Thermoplastics are a more eco-friendly alternative to other plastics and metals. With its ability to be indefinitely formed and reformed, it is 100% recyclable.

For example, other plastics and metals produce significant waste in the manufacturing and fabrication processes because any scrap must be discarded. On the other hand, scrap from thermoplastic processes can be remelted and reused in the next batch.

At Plastifab we manufacture most parts through a process called extrusion where the plastic material is melted, fed through a system tubes into a mold of the finished shape. With other raw materials, raw material could get stuck in the extrusion tubes and be hard to remove or re-mold. But since thermoplastics can be repeatedly heated and softened, it’s easy to clean our extrusion machines of that “waste” plastic so it can be used again, instead of clogging up our machines.

Because we can easily clean our machines of “scrap” plastic during the manufacturing process, plastic waste is eliminated or minimized significantly. This means we can pass on some cost savings to you too as you’re not paying for “wasted” raw material.

If you’d like to compare how thermoplastic parts could outperform other raw materials for your next project, send us the details of your part needs or project and we’d be happy to discuss your options and make a recommendation.

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